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Reality television series Junior Masterchef has helped open the eyes of the public to the raw creativity and talent of kids nowadays when it comes to churning out cuisine.

Gone are the days of kids being only known as picky eaters. Today, kids are not only more aware of the culinary world, but with television content showcasing some of the world’s best chefs on their own shows, they’re also picking up great tips and techniques as well.

The same can be said about promising young junior chef, Uleena Udabage, who has shared some of her handpicked recipes in this month’s edition.

Speaking to us on her culinary journey so far, Ulleena says that her passion for the art began at an early age in kindergarten, where cookery classes quickly became her favourite. From, there on her favourite pastime became experimenting with new recipes, and baking. Watching cookery programs on YouTube and television gave her the inspiration to try out newer recipes and techniques and fuelled her passion further.

At the tender age of 10 however, Uleena got the opportunity to participate in an event called the Family Cook-Off organized by a well-known spice brand. At the event, little Uleena became the runner up, just behind a 21-year-old trainee pastry chef. She says that this competition helped her brush off any fears, and get used to taking on challenges.

Following this, she was invited by the Housewive’s Association and St. Pauls Milagiriya to do a cooking demonstration, which she says that as a young 11 to 12-year-old chef, she reveled in the love and attention showered on her by the ladies at the demonstration. 

After this, Uleena’s profile grew even further, being featured on MTV’s Family Cook-Off as well. 

However, cooking is only one aspect of this young, inspired chef. She also balances her time with her duties as the secretary of the Interact Club, as a senior school prefect, as Deputy House Captain, as a member of the school choir, and as a school Swimmer too. 

Her free time she says is best spent, working on her main passion, which involves preparing new dishes and inviting guests over to try them out.

Uleena says that through her hobby, she intends to inspire others out there to begin the journey to achieve their dreams at young age and follow their passions towards success. 

She is also a strong believer that everyone has a hidden talent, and that all kids should show the world what they can do and who they are. 


Tomato basil bites

Ingredients-    Tomatoes 

                         Fresh basil leaves

                          Mozella blocks

                          Salt and pepper

Method – Select one size of tomatoes and cut them in half then gentle scop the seeds and fill it with mozzarella bocks. Place a fresh basil leaf on top and add salt and pepper to taste.

Celery peanut butter sticks

Ingredients- fresh celery stalks

                      Peanut butter

                       Fresh strawberries\raspberries\grapes(red)

Method – Cut the celery stalk into bite-size pieces and fill the gaps with peanut butter (Sweeten peanut butter) place fresh berries of your choice on top.

Cucumber and tuna bites

Ingredients – fresh green cucumber

                          Tuna salad (tuna, onions, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves, lime juice, chickpeas, onions, green chilli, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, olive oil)

Method – Tuna Salad – Chop the red onions bell pepper and tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves green chillies and mix it all in a bowl by adding olive oil chilli flakes lemon juice salt and pepper and finally add the chickpeas, Tuna and mix it well. 

Cut thick slices of cucumber and place the tuna salad on top.

Guacamole baguette bites

Ingredients- Baguette, butter, avocado, red onions, green chilli, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, honey

Method – Guacamole. in a bowl finally chop up red onions, green chilli, cherry tomatoes and avocado and mix it well until it forms into a paste. Add lemon juice, honey salt, pepper and red chilli flakes.

Cut the baguette into thick slices and toast it in a pan with butter.

Place the Guacamole on top of the toasted baguette and top it off with finely slice cherry tomatoes.

Cauliflower Spinach Alfredo

Ingredients- Milk, butter, cauliflower, olive oil, red chilly flakes, dried rosemary, dried thyme, spaghetti

Method – Blend boiled cauliflower milk, melted butter red chili flakes, salt, pepper dried rosemary /thyme.

Boil the spaghetti 

In a pan add butter and the cauliflower puree (add milk if the paste is too thick) add the spinach and cook well. Finally, add the boiled spaghetti and serve in a bowl and garnish with parmesan cheese.

Salmon cooked in garlic oil

Ingredients- (salmon cooked in garlic oil)

                       Salmon, olive oil, butter, fresh rosemary, garlic, cloves, salt, dried rosemary/thyme, pepper, red chilly flakes, white wine, dried cranberries, chicken stock powder, lemon juice.

                        (green salad)

                        rocket leaves, red/yellow bell pepper, green cucumber, green olives, fresh dill olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, salt pepper, Dijon mustard

Method –

Salmon cooked in garlic oil. 

        Marinate the salmon with salt, pepper, lemon juice, chicken stock powder dried rosemary/thyme.

      Heat olive oil and butter in a pan and once heated add 3-4 cloves of garlic and fresh rosemary then add the marinated salmon and cook well. When serving top, it with a dried cranberry.

Green salad.

Prepare the dressing with olive oil Dijon mustard, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar salt, and pepper. Chop the vegetable green leaves and mix well with the dressing. When serving top it off with dried cranberry and fetta cheese.

When plating place the salad at the bottom and the salmon on top.

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Natural Healthy Recipes by Mapa’s Fusions 0 647



Boiled Prawns in Sour Rice& Mixed Bean Sprouts – Rajarata Style



  • El rice 500 gr
  • Red onion (shallots) 150 gr
  • Pinch of salt
  • Coconut milk 05cups
  • Lime 02 nos
  • Garlic 10 gr
  • Dried red chilies 05 pods
  • Few mint leaves
  • Green gram 50 gr
  • Green chilies 05 pods
  • Boiled prawns 150 gr
  • Chickpeas 100 gr


  • Soak the green gram and, chickpeas in water for 12 hours. Drain the water, wrap them in a wet cloth and keep overnight to let them sprout. Or you can buy from the market mixed beans sprout packets.
  • Soak the cooked rice in little water. Leave in a closed pot over night to ferment and drain well before use.
  • Burn red chilies in open fire and crush into pieces.
  • Squeeze coconut milk mixed well with salt and lime juice
  • Make a fine mix of pieces of coarsely chopped red onions and Chile pods
  • Boil the prawns in seasoned water
  • Add all the ingredients together with coconut milk and mix well,
  • Correct the seasoning.

Why Sunday Is the Most Important Day of the Week for Your Wellbeing 0 1205

Your business will benefit when you prioritize time for yourself and the important people in your life.

Hustle. Grind. Long hours. Go big or go home. Fake it ’till you make it.

Entrepreneurs hear these statements daily, often from the people who inspire them. Our culture believes we must forgo personal lives in pursuit of business success.

Of course, running a successful business is hard work. It’s stressful, it can feel chaotic, and the tasks sometimes seem downright impossible. But as an entrepreneur, you need to do more than simply push through. Research shows you must take a step back if you hope to achieve any measure of life-work balance and truly relish your accomplishments.

Here are three specific ways the Sunday step-back benefits your business while it helps recharge your batteries, fend off depression and make you more personally productive.

Sunday is prime social time.

Humans are social creatures. Regardless of how busy you think you are, human nature will find ways to remind you that you need others in your life. Don’t resist it. Giving in to this urge for socializing actually is better for your overall health.

Sunday is prime time to make new connections or care take the ones you already have. You should be out of the office, doing something you enjoy.

You gain nothing by denying yourself time to de-stress. Research reveals you’ll spend those hours either in enjoyment or in sickness.

In short, spending quality time with the people who mean the most to you can help improve your health and expel stress. Both are essential for a successful business.

Sunday is the perfect day for self-care.

Taking care of your physical and mental self is essential to rejuvenation. (I’m a big believer in batching, which is why I like to do the bulk of my self-care on Sundays.)

Adding a self-care aspect to your weekly routine can prevent overload, help refocus your goals and reduce stress.

As an added benefit, self-care simply helps you feel good about yourself. You might make a trip to the salon, book a massage at your favorite spa or take a long bath at home with lavender or other relaxing essential oils. It’s taking time for yourself and believing you look your best that help you feel great. Both show in your performance. When you like what you see in the mirror, you project confidence and your positive energy increases.

Unfortunately, the inverse also is true: If you believe you look as ragged, worn-out, sleep-deprived and worried as you feel, your work will reflect that attitude and your business will suffer.

Schedule time for yourself. You are the embodiment of the business, and you should look and feel your best. Making a commitment to do something for yourself will give you a little reward to look forward to during your work week.

Meditate. Mediation helps clear your mind of negativity and stress. Practiced in earnest, it can give you a moment of peace to reconnect with your goals. Maintain focus on your priorities so you are constantly revitalized.

Get a good night’s sleep, every night. This might seem like an impossible feat, but it should be a clear priority. Plan to go to sleep and wake up at a specific time. Consistency is key to establish this habit and translate it into a routine to keep you on track. Figure out how much sleep you need and stick to that number.

Enjoy your life. For many people, the ability to enjoy life on one’s own terms is the most attractive draw to an entrepreneurial path. There’s no boss telling you what to do. You make your own hours and you work to find success in a field you love. Take a step back to appreciate everything you’ve already accomplished. Use this time of reflection to do what you want to do, and you’ll discover new signs of peace and prosperity in all aspects of your life.


Sunday gives you a jump on planning.

Entrepreneurs are expert innovators who thrive on often unconventional work tactics. However, you also must make time to plan the week ahead so you can use your time in the office wisely. It’s true devoting an hour or two each Sunday to this task technically counts as working. But it’s productive and fun. It gives you an excuse to address all the things already on your mind and organize them on paper or in a digital format so you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Many entrepreneurs find that planning also contributes to their sense of balance. It offers time to reflect on the previous week and accordingly amend their actions for the week to come. Here are a few important features to include in your weekly plan.

Goals. Every entrepreneur should have weekly, monthly, yearly and overall goals. Even more important, business owners should keep track of whether they’re achieving their short-term goals while they work on their long-term goals. Little victories are still victories. Celebrating the wins along the way can encourage you to keep striving for more. On the other hand, if you discover you aren’t reaching those midpoints, it’s a good indication you need to make changes or risk stalling your progress.

Timetable. Time always moves forward, and we must work with what we have. After all, no amount of money can buy back wasted time. It’s crucial to develop the skill of accurately assessing how much time you need for each task. Otherwise, you’ll run out of hours before you run out of work week.

Scheduling. This is not a wish list of all the thing you’d like to complete. Scheduling is creating a plan and following it. Successful entrepreneurs know what deserves to be included in the plan. Remember: While it’s necessary to schedule work time, meetings and deadlines, it’s equally important to reserve hours in your schedule for family and friends. You can’t do all your socializing on Sundays. You need a bit of a life all week long. Maybe that means jogging or indulging in a date night. Schedule these as priorities so you don’t put your loved ones on hold or worse make the mistake of thinking you don’t have time for them.

Reclaim Sunday as a day of rest in your 24/7 world. Take the time your body and mind need to step away, even for one day. You’ll come back Monday feeling refreshed, renewed and highly supported by the life you’ve refused to leave behind.